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November 21, 2016

Corner Stone Homes

1501 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355
Phone: (209) 846-0658
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McRoy Wilbur Communities

2909 Coffee Rd, Modesto, CA 95355
phone (209) 491-5430

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From McRoy Wilbur Communities site:
Also to community recognition for building accomplishments, we have been active in volunteer work over the past two decades. We were instrumental in the construction of a shelter for troubled adolescents, a food versions center, kids’s home, and music pavilion for community concerts. It was our guiding principle to back to the communities, which have enabled our company to prosper.

LDA Partners LLP

4 Central Ct, Modesto, CA 95204
phone (209) 943-0405

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From LDA Partners LLP site:
We define ourselves as an interpreter of vision and aspirations. Independent of the scope of a physical design, it’s our commitment to listen, collaborate, and apply our specialty to stimulate creative thinking and finally successful design solutions. Our success is driven by a true curiosity to understand the clients physical, financial, and cultural drivers, with the overriding objective to tailor objectives and create solutions which best serve the client. In our search for understanding, we challenge the stakeholders with what could happen if and is there a better way, not only to get consensus, however to develop the conversation.

Jh Builders

3333 Lakens Hbr, Modesto, CA 95355
phone (209) 579-9449

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What Does That Mean? In this part on windows, we could like to take some time to examine different configurations of windows and some terms for different parts of the window. Hopefully this will assist you communicate your particular desires and needs with your window expert. Terminology Lets start with the basic parts of the ….

Indrjit S Toor Construction

1929 Mitchell Road Suite B, Modesto, CA 95307
phone (209) 652-5633

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Inderjit S. Toor Construction, Inc. Is a full service construction company catering to our customers needs – remodeling, restoration, new construction and development for both residential and commercial clients. Mainly constructing projects in Northern California we at the same time manage many jobs while maintaining smooth functionings at all sites daily. Our construction crews of up to twenty-five (25), master carpenters, journeymen, drywall hangers, foundation axi general laborer staff are overseen by greatly experienced and experienced construction managers.

Cencal Pacific

1222 W Colony Rd Ste 160, Modesto, CA 95366
phone (209) 923-6511

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From Cencal Pacific site:
For the best in home building, look no more! The crew from CenCal Pacific Homes has more than 50 years of joint experience, building new homes during the Central Valley of California. Our goal is to build a quality home for families to take pleasure in, and deliver the home in a timely manner. Following your new home orientation and you take ownership of your new home, then our buyer Service staff will take care of any warranty things, or the 2-10 Homebuilder Warranty will cover the cost of needed repairs. We know you have many homes to look at, so thanks in advance for picking a home built by CenCal Pacific.

Anderson Litfin Inc

1385 Venture Ln, Modesto, CA 95380
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Berkel & Company Contractors

2301 Nickerson Dr, Modesto, CA 95358
phone (209) 541-0964

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Great Company & Berkel image here, very nice angles of Corner Stone Homes too
From Berkel & Contractors site:
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport underwent a 1. 2 billion dollar expansion project focused on the construction of the new Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal. Passenger access between the new International Terminal and the domestic airport buildings is mainly via underground Automated People Mover (APM) trains. The new International Terminal is roughly -mile from the terminus of the present APM tunnel. A cut-and-cover technique was selected for the construction of the APM tunnel extension to let the construction team to best address unknowns and possible obstructions. The construction of the APM extension obliged an excavation support system for a 450-ft long, 55-ft deep excavation across Taxiway Dixie and a 900-ft long, 35-ft deep excavation under the basement of present Concourse E. The excavation under Concourse E obliged both excavation support and support of the present columns over the proposed excavation zone.