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November 21, 2016

David Stewart

14350 Avenida Central
Modesto, CA 95329
Phone: (877) 886-9856
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Dac Remodeling

20058W Bloss Ave, Modesto, CA 95324
phone (209) 634-7707

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From Dac Remodeling site:
Look at the before and after of a recent kitchen project.. And yes, the old and new are present side by side Look for phase 2 when the old kitchen becomes an entertainment center.

Onkar Builders Inc.

2714 Twin Bridges Dr, Modesto, CA 95307
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Beautiful Inc. Builders Onkar photography at work here
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Onkar Builders is dedicated to quality service with honesty during all of our projects with the highest level of professional services to our clients. Though we’re a growing company, we’ll generally take the time to pay attention to our clients needs so honoring our company policy simultaneously that we’ll deliver what we promise.

Fontana Ranch Estates

2008 Thomas Taylor Dr, Modesto, CA 95326
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From Fontana Ranch Estates site:
Kiper Homes reserves the right, without previous notice, to change or alter any part of the floorplans, outside elevations, plans, prices and availability in our continuing effort to enhance our new home product. All outside elevation renderings, floorplan and maps are artist’s conceptions and are estimated depictions. All square footages are estimated and differ per home and lot. Elevations, window sizes and placement, and garages will differ as indicated by elevation, lot size and place.

Valley Builders Exch Inc

1118 Kansas Ave, Modesto, CA 95351
phone (209) 522-9031

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From Valley Builders Exch site:
Valley Builders Exchange, helping the contruction business build the California Central Valley since 1947 from our offices in MOdesto CA.

Kinzie Construction Inc

3331 Toomes Rd, Modesto, CA 95358
phone (209) 545-3398

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Great Inc Construction Kinzie image here, very nice angles of David Stewart too
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Kinzie Construction and their crew continue to uphold a high standard of excellence and are recognized for their passion for good craftsmanship, with a hands on approach.

Solecon Industrial

1401 McWilliams Way, Modesto, CA 95351
phone (209) 572-7390

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From Solecon Industrial site:
In business since 1981, Solecon works hard to offer complete mechanical systems punctually and inside budget. This successful enterprise was built by repeat business with pleased general freelancers and building holders. Concentrating on commercial and industrial projects, Solecon continuously works to set up new relationships and increase the services provided to its present customers.

JKB Construction

931 E Monte Vista Ave, Modesto, CA 95382
phone (209) 632-3152

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Renovations, Home enhancements, Remodeling, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, and Additions.