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November 23, 2016

Emanuel Construction Cleaning

64 Knox St
Springfield, MA 01105
Phone: (413) 739-4939
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Sustainable Construction

4650 S National Ave # C5, Springfield, MO 65810
phone (417) 887-6682

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From Sustainable Construction site:
Sustainable Housing Solutions gives quality, energy economical, cheap housing. More importantly, we think that cheap housing should be more than just a roof over someones head we think in creating solutions that help residents and strengthen communities.

Dietz Construction Corp

7 Industrial Pkwy, Springfield, MA 01027
phone (413) 527-2695

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From Dietz Construction site:
Dietz Construction company was a local excavation freelancer in Western Massachusetts specializing in heavy construction services. We take care of all the sitework details to make the project come together smoothly.

Tom Phillips Custom Build

11102 N Farm Road 199, Springfield, MO 65648
phone (417) 759-7465

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From Tom Phillips Custom Build site:
Phillips Custom Builders was established in 1974 by Tom Phillips, Jeromy’s father. Jeromy is a fifth generation builder and the second to own the company. Since he was a small child, Jeromy has worked along side his father, learning the technical building expertise also as the capability to listen closely to the client and maintain.

Carson-Mitchell, Inc

601 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65802
phone (417) 869-5653

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From Carson-Mitchell, site:
Carson-Mitchell, Inc. Is a general freelancer, crane rental and rigging service in southwest Missouri that was founded in 1946. The oldest engineering firm in Springfield, Missouri, Carson-Mitchell, Inc. Has served as general freelancer, design builder, and construction manager on over 1000 projects ranging from schools, hospitals and office buildings to industrial site/plant work and sewer buildings. Our repute for high quality construction unites with our capability to closely manage projects and meet calling for schedules. Today, through a continuing concentrate on product, management and growth, Carson-Mitchell, Inc. Sets the business standard for service and results.

Bussell Building Inc

5616 S Farm Road 131, Springfield, MO 65619
phone (417) 889-2067

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From Bussell Building site:
Bussell Building will build your own custom floor plan anywhere you want. Don’t have a floor plan? Our network of greatly experienced draftsmen may help you design the home of your dreams. Bussell Building is different than other custom homebuilders. We operate off of a fixed-price budget, rather than a fee or cost-plus choice. When we tell you the price of your new Bussell Built home, it’ll not change.

B & G Drafting Inc

2104 S Stewart AVE, Springfield, MO 65804
phone (417) 883-5420

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From B & G Drafting site:
The HERS Rater is credentialed by RESNET to help the builder in making the correct choices. He brings the testing tools, like the Blower Door, channel Blaster and 3rd party experience to the project. Specially trained HERS Raters are certified to run the accepted computer modeling and checklist for ENERGY STAR that can examine each part of a project, showing which mix of materials will supply the best results. ┬áit’s a bit like having your cookie and eating it too. With little added cost, a home owner can have a house that uses less than 50 of the energy of other new homes, and a small fraction of the utility bills of older homes. So as the saying could go, if you don’t like the chocolate chip cookie you’re making, get a better recipe.

Custom Wood Designs By Michael

76 Bennett Rd, Springfield, MA 01036
phone (413) 566-8230

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From Custom Wood Designs By Michael site:
The Custom Wood Designs team works with a diverse selection of wood types and stains to create the perfect look for your home. Every part of the project is built to order and completely customizable, down to the finest details, and they’ll work closely with you to ensure your finished product is everything you had in mind. Each project is planned around the space you need, not the limitations you think you have, and Custom Wood Designs will work diligently to make your new installation or remodeling project a complete success.