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November 23, 2016

Igor & Sons Shed Construction

727 College Hwy
Springfield, MA 01077
Phone: (413) 569-0589
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Igor & Sons Shed Construction’s location:
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Moody John Construction Co

1414 S Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65807
phone (417) 865-1478

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Need more pictures of Construction John Moody like this for 2016
From Moody John Construction site:
Designs Additions Renovations We can remodel any home to your plans. No job to big. No job to small. Call for an Appointment today, Our staff is keen to help.

Liberty Home Solutions

2026 W Vista St, Springfield, MO 65807
phone (417) 889-3218

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From Liberty Home Solutions site:
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Hartley Brothers Landscaping

542 Montgomery Rd, Springfield, MA 01085
phone (413) 562-4703

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From Hartley Brothers Landscaping site:
The company operates from the former site of the family orchard in the Wyben part of Westfield, MA. Hartley Brothers’ specializes in custom landscape designs and personalized service, working with you to create distinctive homescapes that reflect your lifestyle, compliment your architecture, and make the most of your property. As a family owned and operated landscaping business, we understand the importance of client input and pay close attention to your tastes, your budget, and your timeframes.

Cook Builder’s Supply Co

193 Northampton St, Springfield, MA 01027
phone (413) 527-8000

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Supply Builder's Cook Photos taken in 2016
From Cook Builder’s Supply site:
Cook Builders Supply offers wholesale, retail landscaping masonry merchandise: cultured, natural stone, concrete pavers, brick veneers, bagged merchandise.

Central Gas

1540 N Commercial Rd, Springfield, MO 65714
phone (417) 725-3833

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From Central Gas site:
Central Gas can meet your home heating and other needs with friendly, reliable delivery of quality propane.

Purinton Builders

61 Ffyler Pl, Springfield, CT 06078
phone (860) 254-5177

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From Purinton Builders site:
In 1998 Dennis’ son Michael joined him full time. Shortly thereafter they transitioned from a wood forming system to Western Forms Aluminum Forming Systems. This allowed Purinton Builders to form and pour higher quality, smooth walls with curves and angles. After researching many insulation systems available for concrete foundations (both above and below grade) Dennis felt the best choice was Thermomass Insulation Systems. Purinton Builders placed their 1st Thermomass insulated foundation in 2004. Around the same time Dennis began working with Tilcon, CT to develop environmentally friendly, “green” concrete mix designs, using substitute cements and fly ash, and continue to work today improving upon mix designs for cold weather concrete also as Pervious Concrete.

All Phase Enterprises

191 W Stafford Rd, Springfield, CT 06076
phone (860) 684-9779

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From All Phase Enterprises site:
All-Phase Enterprises, Inc. Is a family owned business quality construction for over twenty-five years. We concentrate overall Contracting, Design-Build, Site Work, and Bid/Build markets. Our capability to move between these some number of markets lets All-Phase to bring its attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and timely completion, which places us in the top tier of construction providers. It’s this ethic that enables us to keep our clients satisfaction, years after the completion of all project.