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November 23, 2016

Keith Hamilton Builder Contr

17 Orchard Eham-R
Springfield, MA 01027
Phone: (413) 587-0763
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Journagan Construction

3003 E Chestnut Expy Ste 1200, Springfield, MO 65802
phone (417) 862-9349

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From Journagan Construction site:
Leo Journagan Construction Company, Inc. Is a family owned and operated business established in Springfield, Missouri. The company performs, as either prime freelancer or subcontractor, highway construction, and the production of construction aggregates. The company mainly operates in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas; though during its history the company has performed work in 26 states for holders like the US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy, different public utility businesses and many state highway departments.

L N Berneche Inc

665 Prospect St Ste 7, Springfield, MA 01020
phone (413) 536-2060

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From L N Berneche site:
We pride ourselves on hiring experienced freelancers. Being reliable, and keeping buyer satisfaction is at the forefront of all our decisions. That is why we do not think about a contract to be fulfilled unless you are happy with the results. We do not just want to finish the job. We want to finish it inside your budget.

Powder Hill Sand & Gravel

38 Post Office Rd, Springfield, CT 06082
phone (860) 741-7274

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From Powder Hill Sand & Gravel site:
Powder Hill Sand & Gravel opened in 1998 and has worked on into a top quality supplier of sand, gravel and stone merchandise. We cater to the self pick-up buyer, though delivery prices may be arranged upon your ask.

MIS Insurance

156 Elm St, Springfield, MA 01085
phone (413) 568-6111

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From MIS Insurance site:
We’re conveniently located in downtown Westfield Massachusetts and pride ourselves on concurrent service with a friendly feel. We hope you find this site useful and that you will let us the chance to quote your insurance.

Designworks Homes Inc

5407 S Campbell Ave Ste F, Springfield, MO 65810
phone (417) 887-1333

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From Designworks Homes site:
Quality custom home designs and plans by DesignWorks Homes, Inc.

Komar Screw

2227 W Sunset St, Springfield, MO 65807
phone (417) 823-0687

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From Komar Screw site:
Komar Screw, maker & Distributor of Screws, Bolts, Rivets, Washers & Fasteners, Cold-heading and screw machine functionings, screws, Rivets, Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Quality Ensured with Every Turn.


1531 E Bradford Pkwy, Ste 320, Springfield, MO 65804
phone (417) 890-5543

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From Buxton-Kubik-Dodd site:
Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative offers the Springfield, Missouri area commercial and residential architecture services, high end interior design, interior architecture, space planning, project feasibility and cost analysis, project planning, construction management services and more. Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative’s specialty gives a single buyer contact point and the assurance that you’ll be served by greatly experienced architects and design professionals.