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November 23, 2016

Quality Renovations

76 Orchard St
Springfield, MA 01007
Phone: (413) 256-0103
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Quality Renovations’s location:
If you are wondering where Renovations Quality is located

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Ghn Architects/Engineer

300 S Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65806
phone (417) 869-0719

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From Ghn Architects/Engineer site:
GHN Architects + Engineers is a locally owned, multi-disciplined architecture, engineering, interior design and planning firm located in Springfield, Missouri.

Quast Consulting and Testing

7244 E. Fr 132, Springfield, MO 65802
phone (715) 571-0030

Quast Consulting and Testing Reviews: n/a
Very nice work, photo of and Consulting Quast
From Quast Consulting Testing site:
QCT was founded on and continues to grow with the simple business approach that testing and consulting are an added value to every project. We pride ourselves on being part of the building enclosure solution and not the problem.

Dave Miner Home Improvements

347 Newton St, Springfield, MA 01075
phone (413) 533-0481

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From Dave Miner Home Improvements site:
Thanks for the chance to earn your business.   I look forward to working with you at some point.

Pierce Builders

522 Salmon Brook St, Springfield, CT 06035
phone (860) 653-7283

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From Pierce Builders site:
To be the premier supplier of site work, commercial renovations, quality commercial buildings, .

Thomas Wilson Enterprises Inc

310 Elm St, Springfield, MA 01028
phone (413) 525-6205

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From Thomas Wilson Enterprises site:
Prepared for a new look? Want to develop your company or take it to the next level? Let Thomas Wilson Enterprises take care of those needs, from remodeling your commercial property or renovation to adding more space. We’re greatly qualified to meet your expectations. There’s no job too small.