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November 21, 2016

R D Turpin Construction

485 Bitritto Way
Modesto, CA 95356
Phone: (209) 544-1726
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Indrjit S Toor Construction

1929 Mitchell Road Suite B, Modesto, CA 95307
phone (209) 652-5633

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Toor S Indrjit is close to R D Turpin Construction
From Indrjit S Toor Construction site:
Inderjit S. Toor Construction, Inc. Is a full service construction company catering to our customers needs – remodeling, restoration, new construction and development for both residential and commercial clients. Mainly constructing projects in Northern California we at the same time manage many jobs while maintaining smooth functionings at all sites daily. Our construction crews of up to twenty-five (25), master carpenters, journeymen, drywall hangers, foundation axi general laborer staff are overseen by greatly experienced and experienced construction managers.

CT Brayton & Sons

1804 Jackson Ave, Modesto, CA 95320
phone (209) 838-7388

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From CT Brayton & Sons site:
Family-owned since 1946, C. T. Brayton and Sons, Inc. Is a general contracting and construction management firm that has built a legacy of exceptional work. Our philosophy is simple: to offer a high-quality product at a competitive price with unmatched service and honesty. We have proudly built schools, health-care buildings, industrial/commercial complexes and parking structures during Central California from Sacramento to Bakersfield.

Kiper Homes

3714 Whitehaven Ave, Modesto, CA 95307
phone (209) 581-9700

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Great  Homes Kiper image here, very nice angles of R D Turpin Construction too
From Kiper Homes site:
Kiper Homes reserves the right, without previous notice, to change or alter any part of the floorplans, outside elevations, plans, prices and availability in our continuing effort to enhance our new home product. All outside elevation renderings, floorplan and maps are artist’s conceptions and are estimated depictions. All square footages are estimated and differ per home and lot. Elevations, window sizes and placement, and garages will differ as indicated by elevation, lot size and place.

McRoy Wilbur Communities

2909 Coffee Rd, Modesto, CA 95355
phone (209) 491-5430

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Great Communities Wilbur McRoy image here, very nice angles of R D Turpin Construction too
From McRoy Wilbur Communities site:
Also to community recognition for building accomplishments, we have been active in volunteer work over the past two decades. We were instrumental in the construction of a shelter for troubled adolescents, a food versions center, kids’s home, and music pavilion for community concerts. It was our guiding principle to back to the communities, which have enabled our company to prosper.

JKB Construction

931 E Monte Vista Ave, Modesto, CA 95382
phone (209) 632-3152

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 Construction JKB will still be popular in 2016
From JKB Construction site:
Renovations, Home enhancements, Remodeling, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, and Additions.

Dac Remodeling

20058W Bloss Ave, Modesto, CA 95324
phone (209) 634-7707

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Nice image showing  Remodeling Dac
From Dac Remodeling site:
Look at the before and after of a recent kitchen project.. And yes, the old and new are present side by side Look for phase 2 when the old kitchen becomes an entertainment center.

Steckler Construction Inc

1050 Heartland Dr, Modesto, CA 95337
phone (209) 649-9719

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From Steckler Construction site:
Building Dreams One Client at a Time Your home is too important to entrust to just any builder, rely on Steckler Construction Inc. the construction experts to work alongside you every step of..