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November 23, 2016

Tri-County Contractors Supply

154 Wayside Ave
Springfield, MA 01089
Phone: (413) 733-5189
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Tri-County Contractors Supply’s location:
This is Contractors Tri-County location

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Kurtz Inc

810 Southampton Rd, Springfield, MA 01085
phone (413) 568-0636

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Very nice work, photo of  Inc Kurtz
From Kurtz site:
Also to an specialty in specific services like framing, wood carpentry, masonry, concrete, and a commercial cabinetry shop, Kurtz, Inc. Is a partner with Lester Buildings. Lester Buildings is one of the biggest manuafacturers of wood-frame building systems in the United States. For more info on Lester Buildings, visit our.

Da Bryan Coach Builders Inc

4707 E Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
phone (417) 864-4411

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From Da Bryan Coach Builders site:
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Heartland Log Home Services

1506 S 3rd St, Springfield, MO 65721
phone (417) 485-0456

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From Heartland Log Home site:
I’d like to let you know how happy I’m with the last result of the log cabin renovation! All parts of the project were finished in a timely manner without any problems. All of the guys were friendly, polite, and excellent workers with high quality workmanship. This was surely a job well done, thanks.

Gregg Stancer Commercial Realty

1849 N Commerce Dr, Springfield, MO 65714
phone (417) 725-5900

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Beautiful image of Commercial Stancer Gregg
From Gregg Stancer Commercial Realty site:
Gregg Stancer Realty specializes in upscale commercial real estate developments, land, and investment properties in and around Springfield and Nixa, Missouri.

Pierce Builders

522 Salmon Brook St, Springfield, CT 06035
phone (860) 653-7283

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From Pierce Builders site:
To be the premier supplier of site work, commercial renovations, quality commercial buildings, .

Central Gas

1540 N Commercial Rd, Springfield, MO 65714
phone (417) 725-3833

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From Central Gas site:
Central Gas can meet your home heating and other needs with friendly, reliable delivery of quality propane.

Journagan Construction Co

1506 N Farmer Branch Rd, Springfield, MO 65721
phone (417) 581-0198

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From Journagan Construction site:
Leo Journagan Construction Company, Inc. Is a family owned and operated business established in Springfield, Missouri. The company performs, as either prime freelancer or subcontractor, highway construction, and the production of construction aggregates. The company mainly operates in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas; though during its history the company has performed work in 26 states for holders like the US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy, different public utility businesses and many state highway departments.