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November 23, 2016

Williams Hewitt Cabinetry

1 Cottage St
Springfield, MA 01027
Phone: (413) 527-5973
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JAMCO Builders

307 Enterprise Dr., Springfield, MO 65746
phone (417) 935-4004

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From JAMCO Builders site:
For 38 years, Jamco Builders was building quality structures in southwest Missouri. We’re dedicated to giving our customers exemplary service and value for each project. Our buildings are crafted with care and the attention to detail that makes the difference between acceptability and excellence. We’re experienced in determining the most economical and economical construction techniques to accommodate the prerequisites of custom building.

Affordable Home Improvements

910 W Battlefield St Ste 900, Springfield, MO 65807
phone (417) 860-9700

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From Affordable Home Improvements site:
This professionalism and attention to detail is demonstrated during the project. Over the past decade, the company has had only 1-2 service calls per year. That represents less than 1 of all customers. We strive for 100 buyer satisfaction. That’s why we steadily look for new and groundbreaking ways to make our project distinctive, both in experience to the buyer and execution.

Crosstech Construction Prods

1621 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806
phone (417) 832-9993

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From Crosstech Construction Prods site:
Crosstech is your one-stop source for EIFS, Stucco, made Stone, and Architectural Shapes. Phone: (417) 862-9511.

APA Construction & Property Maintenance, LLC

3 Fairfield Drive, Springfield, MA 01069
phone (413) 324-4504

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From APA Construction & Property Maintenance, site:
Our Goal at APA Construction & Property Maintenance, LLC is to help both residential and commercial property holders with any projects. Our goal is to make the procedure easy and enjoyable for you. APA is a company with a large range of experience. We may help you with all phases of your next project: outside/interior, remodeling,.

Winn Sam A & Associates Architects PC

1643 S Enterprise Ave, Springfield, MO 65804
phone (417) 882-7821

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From Winn Sam A & Architects PC site:
Sam A. Winn & Associates, Architects, P. C. Is a professional company located in Springfield Missouri, founded by Sam A. Winn. With Sam Winn being President of the business, his Partner at the firm is Gary Barbee. The firm was founded in 1977, and has over 38 years of experience all services related to architectural design, land planning, master planning and interior design with architectural registrations in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Illinois.

Kcc Contractor INC

2664 E Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
phone (417) 883-6088

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From Kcc Contractor site:
Killian’s Code of Ethics governs our own business actions and lets us to continually surpass expectations. Our Code will include obeying the law, safety during, demonstrating great honesty, keeping away from conflicts of interests, business partner confidentiality, meeting or exceeding technical code standards, at the same time upholding different career fields, technical competence standards, and security.

Jones Paul Excavation

7349 W Farm Road 170, Springfield, MO 65738
phone (417) 883-7704

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From Jones Paul Excavation site:
Commercial & residential, Excavation & Utility Services to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Kanas for 35 years.